Exam Committee

Instead of its usual four meetings per year to approve questions to be pretested on the ASWB social work exams, ASWB’s Examination Committee of 18 volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs) met twice: in August and October. The rest of the year, staff and many SMEs were busy preparing to launch new exams in 2018 based on the 2017 practice analysis.

Front row: Charu Stokes-Williams (HI), Adolpha Bassett (NC), Bachelors co-chair Mary Stebbins (VA), Michelle Piper (AL), Karen Slovak (OH). Middle row: Clinical co-chair Bora Sunseri (LA), Kelli Cortes (GA), Masters co-chair Stephanie Washington (TX), June Yee (AB), Sharon Cutts (CT). Back row: Jay Memmott (SD), Liz Johnston (CA), Tammy Dyson (BC), Susie Hendrickson (KS), Ben Rosenberg (NY). Not shown: Luz Alquicira (TX), Carl Hokanson (MN), and Debby Jones (BC)

ITEMS database

A new exam item database, called ITEMS DB, launched to help streamline item creation and revision, with excellent reviews from members of the Examination Committee.