Member Services

Expand member services

In 2015! ASWB membership benefited from the behind-the-scenes work of ASWB staff to provide services that ensured members could fulfill their mission of public protection. Against the backdrop of ASWB’s 2014-2018 Strategic Plan, ASWB staff responded to member-driven strategic objectives.

  • ASWB provides license application processing services to Massachusetts and Utah
    • For Massachussetts, ASWB processed 2,970 license applications authorizing candidates to take an ASWB social work exam and issued 2,540 license numbers.
    • For Utah, ASWB processed 685 license applications.
  • ASWB provides continuing education audits of social workers renewing their licenses for four member boards
    • 5 audits of Louisiana licensees
    • 400 audits of Massachusetts licensees
    • 306 audits of North Carolina licensees
    • 603 audits of Maryland licensees

Enhance technological capacity

  • A dedicated subdomain is launched to better serve ASWB membership.
  • Webpages for the Spring Education Meeting and Annual Meeting provide online access to electronic materials.
  • A new web-based laws and regulations database with enhanced report functionality is under development.

Enhance member regulatory skills and effectiveness

  • The first Board Member Colloquium is held at the Spring Education Meeting to allow member board members to build peer relationships and learn from one another. The second session, held during the Annual Meeting, is renamed the Board Member Exchange.
  • The second annual Administrators Workshop provides training to 10 member board staff members.
  • Four New Board Member Training sessions are held in 2015, including one in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for members and staff from that province and from Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Two Administrators Forums are held; the administrators email group has 73 subscribers.

Identify and develop new verification and credentialing mechanisms

  • ASWB’s Social Work Registry is offered at no cost to students to promote it as a tool for mobility. Currently, 1,580 social workers subscribe and 29 member boards accept certified ASWB verification of credentials and qualifications.
  • More than 3,200 social workers respond to a survey about the ASWB Social Work Registry. Data from the survey will be used to improve the Registry for future use as a tool to promote mobility.