Strengthen leadership for the future

Review/revise ASWB Board governance procedures and structures

  • The Governance Task Force completes its charge of reviewing ASWB’s governance structures. Recommendations are submitted to ASWB’s Board and to the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee.
  • ASWB’s Bylaws and Resolutions Committee completes a two-year review of the ASWB bylaws. Changes include increasing the size of the ASWB Board of Directors to reflect best practices for organizations of this size. Delegates adopt the proposed amendments at the Annual Meeting.

Create avenues for enhancing leadership knowledge and skills of member boards

  • A Leadership Orientation is held at ASWB’s Annual Meeting to increase members’ awareness of opportunities within ASWB.

Craft formal leadership programs and certificates to help regulators increase leadership effectiveness

A feasibility study is completed and indicates that many other organizations offer this type of training. ASWB will link membership to these regulatory education resources through the members website.