Setting the stage for Mobility: Highlights of 2015!

Model Regulatory Standards for Technology and Social Work Practice, the result of the work of ASWB’s International Technology Task Force, is published after a comment period open to ASWB membership.

ASWB collaborates with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), and the Clinical Social Work Association (CSWA) to begin drafting Technology Practice Standards based on ASWB’s Model Regulatory Standards for Technology and Social Work.

ASWB’s 2015 Spring Education Meeting, From Silos to Bridges, sets the Mobility initiative in motion with presentations of mobility models in use by other health care professions and a World Café where attendees discussed Questions that Matter about Mobility.

ASWB’s Mobility Task Force begins its work to develop a plan for achieving practice mobility and license portability. Year One is spent researching other health care models and gathering information from ASWB membership. In addition to ASWB member board members and staff, the task force includes representatives from NASW, the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board, and the Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB).

ASWB signs a contract to build a new corporate headquarters in Culpeper, Va., that will bring all staff together under one roof. Projected completion date: 2018.

ASWB publishes its new Guide to the Social Work Exams in print and e-pub versions. The exam guide is being marketed in a coordinated “suite of ASWB exam preparation materials,” including the Candidate Handbook, the exam guide, and the online practice test.

California returns as a jurisdictional member of ASWB, bringing the number of U.S. state members to 50, and plans to begin using the ASWB social work Clinical exam in 2016.