Public Protection

Social Work Day on the Hill 2015

Broaden stakeholder relationships for the regulatory community

Increase awareness about ASWB as an organization

  • Social media outreach to members and other stakeholders increases awareness of ASWB, the Path to Licensure program, the Social Work Registry, and other services that ASWB provides.
  • ASWB’s CEO joins more than 200 social workers on Capitol Hill for Social Work Day on the Hill during Social Work Month (March).
  • ASWB leaders present the Mobility initiative at the CSWE Leadership Roundtable.
  • ASWB’s philanthropic activities help local charities and  raise awareness of the organization within the local community.

Educate stakeholders about the value of professional regulation for public protection

  • Articles by ASWB leadership on prudent professional practice and the value of professional regulation are published on the New Social Worker magazine website during Social Work Month.
  • ASWB exhibits or presents at NASW and CSWE conferences in eight states. ASWB Board members present a workshop on social work regulation at the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) annual conference in Chicago.
  • ASWB’s Path to Licensure program extends its outreach through activities at the BPD annual conference and CSWE Annual Program Meeting.  Educators from approximately 70 social work schools or programs sign up to participate in the program.