ASWB Staff

Director of Exam Services Pat Olinger, a key member of the executive team, retired in August after 19+ years with ASWB. She held a foundational role in developing and managing the Candidate Services Center, exam administration services, and more recently exam development. Leadership of the Exam Services department transitioned internally. Tanya Carpenter, a 22-year veteran of ASWB, was promoted to director of examination administration, and Lavina Harless, a licensed social worker and a member of ASWB’s staff for 11 years, was promoted to director of examination development.

The executive team realigned roles to reflect a shift in focus of responsibilities. Dwight Hymans was promoted to Chief Operating Officer, assuming oversight of operations, the exam, and the new Volunteer Engagement and Outreach (VEO) department. Melissa Ryder was promoted to senior manager of VEO and has responsibility for managing ASWB’s meetings, travel, exhibit logistics, and volunteer engagement, awards, and committees. ASWB CEO Mary Jo Monahan has oversight of externally facing departments, including Member Services, Education and Training Services, and Communications and Marketing.

In Member Services, Dave Ryczko was promoted to senior manager of member services in recognition of growing contract services with members and the importance of the upgrades to the Social Work Registry to the Mobility initiative.

Over the last three years, staff size has increased from a full-time equivalent (FTE) of 28 to 47 FTE at the end of 2016.

Pat Olinger at her retirement party.