Member Services

Expand member services

  • Massachusetts online application program went live in March 2016 with favorable results and minimal disruption.
  • Staff developed an initial plan to rename, repurpose, and rebrand the Social Work Registry for use by all new and practicing social workers. As envisioned, the enhanced Registry service will integrate ASWB products and services for the life cycle of an applicant’s social work career. The plan will incorporate initiatives under way for Mobility, license portability, continuing education, and Path to Licensure.

Enhance technological capacity

  • ASWB launched the new and improved laws and regs database, a web-based platform that offers information about social work licensing in U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions. Users are able to export data to multiple formats.
  • Created dedicated webpages for Education Conference and Annual Meeting materials.
  • Launched Mobility website,, to serve as a central resource to distribute information about the Mobility initiative to and solicit feedback from social workers, social work regulators, and social work educators.

Enhance member regulatory skills and effectiveness

  • Board Member Exchange sessions drew more than 40 attendees at the Education Conference and nearly 50 participants during the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly. The meetings encourage member board members to build peer relationships and learn from one another.
  • The third annual Administrators Workshop provided training to 12 participants.
  • Four New Board Member Training sessions were held in 2016, including one in San Diego for 25 U.S. and Canadian social work regulators and one in Winnipeg, Manitoba, for 14 members  and staff from that province.
  • Two Administrators Forums were held; the administrators email group has 76 current subscribers.