Mobility Website

Mobility site is created and launched

Following the 2016 Education Conference, ASWB launched, a hub on the Internet for information about social work practice mobility. The site features news items about professional licensing mobility and updates on ASWB’s Mobility efforts. Visitors can also get involved in mobility by sharing their stories, expressing their support for the efforts, and signing on to endorse the importance of social work practice mobility. The site was developed using a mobile-first approach, which begins the design process with users of smart phones and tablets in mind, so that content is optimized for mobile usage. ASWB staff incorporated information from the 2016 Education Conference, as well as statements of support from other key social work organizations.

The site has a Tell Us Your Story component, and this call to action resulted in 21 responses in the first four months, as well as 96 people who expressed their support.

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