Path to Licensure

ASWB’s Path to Licensure Institute hosted its first cohort of five scholars who attended a three-day intensive at ASWB offices in May. During the intensive, scholars learned about social work regulation and developed custom Path to Licensure programs for implementation at their schools in the 2017–2018 academic year. Scholars also developed topics for regulatory research projects that they will submit to ASWB by August 2020.

Path to Licensure mentors and scholars (left to right): mentor Deana Morrow, scholars Jane Hurley Johncox, Kelly Bass, Carolyn Szafran, Shakira Kennedy, Joan Groessl, and mentor Dorinda Noble.

The board of ASWB’s nonprofit foundation, the American Foundation for Research and Consumer Education in Social Work Regulation, voted to help fund a collaborative venture between ASWB and the Council on Social Work Education to develop a curricular guide for licensure and regulation.  The guide will be available to all CSWE-accredited or in-candidacy schools of social work and will bring together ASWB’s Path to Licensure program and CSWE’s educational policy and accreditation standards.