More on Mobility

A year of success for the Mobility Task Force

In 2017, the Mobility Task Force met several times to develop a Mobility plan that would meet the needs of ASWB’s 64 member jurisdictions while allowing already licensed practitioners a more streamlined process for acquiring additional equivalent licensure in other jurisdictions. In May, a draft plan was published for member comment. After taking comments into consideration, the task force sent a resolution and accompanying Mobility strategy to the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly.

More on Mobility

ASWB curated a website on social work practice mobility: This site was the communications hub for information about ASWB’s efforts as well as the place to find news about practice mobility efforts of allied health care professions and Mobility stories from social work practitioners.

Technology practice standards published by NASW

A collaboration between ASWB, the Council on Social Work Education, the Clinical Social Work Association, and the National Association of Social Workers resulted in an updating of technology practice standards originally published by NASW and ASWB in 2005. The updated practice standards are a complement to the technology regulatory standards published by ASWB in 2016. Both projects were led by Dr. Frederic Reamer, whose subject matter expertise helped task force members think through the many nuances and potential trouble spots of electronic social work services. Like the regulatory standards, the practice standards are grounded in the values of the social work code of ethics.