ASWB Staff

New headquarters

The site received approval from the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Department of Environmental Quality, paving the way for site preparation and construction to begin in early 2018. Staff have participated in planning for the new building, contributing ideas about office design and furnishings and joining a contest to name the road leading into the property. Within 24 hours, ASWB staff had sent in more than 80 names for consideration. The winning entry, Mountain Run Vista Court, was submitted independently by two staff members, who each received a prize. Mountain Run is the name of the creek that runs behind the property. ASWB’s Green Team has the mission to make ASWB’s operations more environmentally friendly. They have been charged with looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and waste in the new headquarters and exploring options for recycling.

ASWB staff

ASWB’s Information Technology department added three software developers and a project manager—bringing the department to a total of six staff members—to help run the 45+ custom programs that serve ASWB members and provide in-house development to enhance online services.

The newest department, Volunteer Engagement and Outreach, spun off from Member Services and added one new staff member, bringing the size of the department to three. The Communications and Marketing department added one member to its team, returning to a full complement of four staff members. Member Services added two staff members to Registry and Contract Services and one staff member to the Continuing Competence department. The Examination Administration department ebbed and flowed, with staff from the Candidate Services Center moving internally to new opportunities and positions being filled with three new staff members. This department also experienced the loss of a colleague who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Staff size hovered around 50 for the second year, making evident the need for permanent human resources staff support. This year ASWB began working with an HR consultant and a finance consultant who provided guidance and helped begin the transition for their permanent replacements.