Practice Analysis

ASWB completed its sixth analysis of the practice of social work

The analysis updates the content and weighting of the blueprints for the social work licensure exams. The 2017 Analysis of the Practice of Social Work drew on the expertise of psychometricians and surveys submitted by more than 23,000 social workers and reflects substantial consistency in the practice of social work. The analysis ensures that the licensing exams maintain a high standard of content validity. New exams based on the practice analysis were prepared for release in January 2018.

Accomplishments by ASWB staff and volunteers

  • Reclassification of examination items to match the new blueprints
  • Successful standard setting meeting to establish passing scores for each examination category
  • Publication of a technical report on the practice analysis
  • Development of new online practice tests to match the new blueprints, including revised rationales for each item
  • Updates to the ASWB Guide to the Social Work Exams

Subject matter expertise

ASWB recruited a variety of subject matter experts to provide oversight to the practice analysis. The groups appointed reflected diversity of practice settings, geography, and demographics. The staff of Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), a nonprofit personnel research and consulting firm, assisted ASWB staff in their efforts. The different SME groups involved included the Oversight Panel, the Practice Analysis Task Force, Linking Task Members, Reclassification Task Members, Exam Form Reviewers, and the Standard Setting Panel.