Creating a resource about regulation for social work educators

In 2018, ASWB partnered with the Council on Social Work Education and the National Association of Social Workers Risk Retention Group to develop a resource to help social work educators better understand the relationship between regulation and the nine competencies that social work schools must meet to be accredited by CSWE. The Curricular Guide for Licensing and Regulation was announced to social work educators at CSWE’s Annual Program Meeting in November.

A national task force of 63 volunteers worked on the guide, which was sponsored by ASWB and NASW’s Risk Retention Group. ASWB managed the project, providing support and guidance to the task force. The sponsors and CSWE also selected two co-chairs, Deana Morrow, Ph.D., and Nancy Sidell, Ph.D., and a steering committee of nine members who led the task force volunteers in developing the competency descriptions, behaviors, and resources.

Development of the curricular guide included identifying relevant regulatory research, in-class activities, assignments, and field experiences that will help students understand the impact of licensing on their social work practice. An extensive literature review was completed as part of the development of the guide.

Task Force Composition

  • 63 task force members, including 9 steering committee members and 2 co-chairs
    • 58 licensed social workers
    • 2 licensed attorneys
    • 3 not licensed
    • 12 had experience serving on a licensing board

Volunteer contributions

  • 1225+ total volunteer hours contributed in completing the curricular guide
    • 40 volunteer hours, start-up meetings
    • 624 volunteer hours, in-person task force meeting
    • 217 volunteer hours, 40+ videoconference meetings
    • 264 volunteer hours, content development between meetings
    • 80+ volunteer hours, content review by co-chairs
  • US$31,151+, value of volunteer hours to complete the curricular guide