Staff restructure

Heather Foley

With the new strategic framework, changes were made to ASWB’s organization. Heather B. Foley, CPA, the first person to hold the title of director of finance and administration at ASWB, joined the association’s staff in early September. With her arrival, all departments now had directors. Foley will provide the treasurer with better insights, and that will help overall to develop a budget with pieces that relate to the strategic framework.

Another important staff “coalescing” event was the growing IT department under Dan Sheehan’s leadership. The five-person department is charged with building ASWB’s technology infrastructure to support the initiatives of the strategic framework.

At the end of the year, the Member Services department was renamed Member Services and Strategic Initiatives and Jennifer Henkel, department director, was promoted to senior director. The changes reflect the emphasis of the strategic framework on member services and the importance of the strategic framework in ASWB’s operations. The former Education and Training department moved into Member Services to encompass the research goal of the strategic framework. With a staff of 13, the department also includes contract services (preapprovals, application processing, and CE audits), continuing competence, and a regulatory support services coordinator who handles research requests from members and other stakeholders.

As we go into a new strategic framework, we will have a strong organization to support the plan.Chief Operating Officer Dwight Hymans