Strategic framework

April – All-staff survey
May – Member focus group at the education conference
June – Stakeholder interviews
July – Staff leadership team planning meeting
August – ASWB Board of Directors planning session
September/October – Strategic framework drafted and refined
November – Strategic framework affirmed by Delegate Assembly

The new strategic framework, as the Board of Directors has renamed the strategic plan, will serve ASWB for the next three years. The three goals the Board chose are Embracing Regulation, Mobility, and Regulatory Research. All are key focus areas that Board members agreed reflected ASWB’s mission.

The decision to rename the plan as a framework reflects structure and flexibility at the same time.

I think the mark of a really successful strategic planning process is when members can see themselves in the goals, and I’m really struck by … the inclusivity and the excellent work that went into this strategic plan. … I think we should really congratulate the Board and feel very proud of that process.Lise Betteridge, Ontario

Goal 1 – Advance knowledge and acceptance of social work as a licensed profession

As envisioned in the strategic objectives, ASWB will support the efforts of social workers to “get licensed and live licensed” and assist the public in their search for licensed professionals.

Goal 2 – Facilitate mobility by licensure through endorsement

This goal extends ASWB’s commitment to achieve social work practice mobility and license portability from the previous strategic plan. The licensure by endorsement amendments to the Model Social Work Practice Act will help jurisdictional boards more efficiently process additional licenses for current licensees in good standing in their originating jurisdictions.

If we’re going to move forward with portability and serving those underserved populations, we really need to give portability a strong, strong consideration.Kim Madsen, California

Goal 3 – Curate research for best practices in regulation

The goal extends the research efforts that ASWB started with its 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to regulatory research, the American Foundation for Research and Consumer Education in Social Work Regulation. ASWB has taken the activities of the Foundation in-house and will commit staff and necessary resources to gather existing research and support the creation of new research. It is anticipated that research could be commissioned in support of members’ requests.