Governance initiatives

The president appointed two task forces and one subcommittee in 2018 to review governance procedures and structures.

Membership Structure Task Force

The Membership Structure Task Force completed its mandate. The task force recommended no changes to membership structure, recognizing that Board consideration of developing a French language version of the exams could have implications for membership categories and membership requirements. The task force proposed bylaws amendments to allow only members that contract with ASWB to use the exams be allowed to vote on exam-related issues. Delegates at the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly voted to return the proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee for reconsideration after many members expressed concern about being excluded from voting.

Nominating Process Subcommittee

The president appointed the subcommittee to explore several aspects of the ASWB nomination process related to slating individuals for elected offices of the association. The subcommittee recommended a bylaws amendment to remove the option for the Board president to appoint a Board member to the Nominating Committee. Delegates at the Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly voted to accept the proposed amendment.

Foundation Restructuring Task Force

The ASWB Foundation Restructuring Task Force completed its mandate in 2018. The Foundation Board of Directors voted to move administration of current research projects to ASWB while maintaining funding for these projects through the Foundation.