2019 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly

ASWB annual meetings are intensive business meetings of the association’s delegate assembly, made up of one delegate and one alternate from each member jurisdiction.

The delegates:

  • Discuss the overall operation of the association
  • Elect association leadership
  • Vote on amendments to the ASWB bylaws
  • Shape policy and programs
  • Participate in generative discussions

At the 2019 annual meeting, ASWB’s yearlong 40th anniversary celebrations concluded and CEO Mary Jo Monahan announced her plans to retire on April 30, 2020.


Photograph of 2019 ASWB Bylaws and Resolutions Committee

2019 Bylaws and Resolutions Committee
Front row: Heidi Nieuwsma (ND), Chair Kathy Outland (OR). Back row: Lise Betteridge (ON), Robert Showers (LA), Greg Winkler (WI).

Photograph of 2019 ASWB Contributor Award Winner Ric Reamer, CEO Mary Jo Monahan, and President Timothy Martel Brown

Frederic G. Reamer, center, is the first recipient of the ASWB Contributor Award. President Tim Brown presented the award. CEO Mary Jo Monahan delighted Dr. Reamer when she gave him a bobblehead that looks just like him.

Photograph of 2019 winner of the Sunny Andrews Award for Outstanding Commitment to Social Work Regulatory Board Service

Robert Payne (ID) received the 2019 Sunny Andrews Award, presented by Donna Hatch, chair of the Idaho Board of Social Work Examiners.

Photograph of 2019 Glenda McDonald Administrator Award

Emily DeAngelo (LA) received the 2019 Glenda McDonald Award, presented by John Shalett, chair of the Louisiana Board of Social Work Examiners.