ASWB developed a video introduction to the Model Social Work Practice Act as part of its ongoing regulatory training.

ASWB offers a variety of support and services to regulatory boards.

Boards may:

  • Request customized research
  • Search ASWB’s regulations database and the Public Protection Database
  • Learn about mobility issues at
  • Verify an applicant’s documents through the Registry
  • Consult the Model Social Work Practice Act for regulatory best practices
  • Benefit from increased understanding of regulation provided to schools of social work through Path to Licensure
Photograph of 2019 ASWB Regulation and Standards Committee

2019 Regulation and Standards Committee
Mavis Azariah Armattoe (DC), John Shalett (LA), Cheney Cloke (BC), Jeffrey Trant (MA), Jaime Hoyle (VA), Thomas Brooks (MN), chair.

Graphic showing that 552 disciplinary actions were reported to ASWB in 2019; 361 disciplinary actions were accepted into the National Practitioner Data Bank; 28 jurisdictions made at least one report to PPD; and 17 states use PPD as their reporting agent for the National Practitioner Data Bank