Photograph of ASWB's new CEO, Dwight Hymans
Dwight Hymans was named CEO by the ASWB Board of Directors in January 2020. He stepped into the role May 1, following the retirement of Mary Jo Monahan.

At the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Delegate Assembly, then CEO Mary Jo Monahan announced her intent to retire in the coming year. Board President Tim Brown of Texas and President-elect Harold Dean of Arkansas shared the stage to explain how the Board and Monahan had been working together toward a successful transfer of leadership. In late January 2020, President Harold Dean announced the Board of Directors had selected Dwight Hymans, then ASWB chief operating officer, as Monahan’s successor. Hymans began his tenure as CEO on May 1, 2020.

“The decision to hire Dwight reflects the Board of Directors’ commitment to achieving the goals of ASWB’s 2019–2021 Strategic Framework and providing continuity for continued growth,” said Dean. “The Board of Directors has developed great trust in Dwight’s leadership ability. This, combined with his extensive knowledge of regulation and the social work profession and his tenure at ASWB, makes him the best choice to lead ASWB successfully into the future.”

The selection of Hymans, a 13-year staff member, provided continuity of leadership that would be a strength to ASWB as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted lives and businesses. By the end of 2020, Hymans had navigated ASWB through test center closures, government emergency orders for lockdowns, remote work arrangements for staff, the move to the new headquarters that was his central focus for six years, and the organization’s first virtual annual meeting.